SWTOR Tweaks (Including a Chat Bubbles Toggle!)

Are you looking for some SWTOR tweaks to help customize the game fully suited to your needs? Good news for the rest of us, there are a lot of dedicated fans helping us all find ways to get more into the game. One such fan posted some great SWTOR tweaks over on Reddit and it even includes a chat bubbles toggle. Here is a snippet: The following can be added to youraccountname_Account.ini in C:UsersUSERAppDataLocalSWTORretailclient If chat bubbles are not in during Early Access you should be able to force them. Social_UseOverheadChat = true Social_ChatOverSelf = true GUI Map Fog of War toggle. GUI_MapHideFoWMasks = false Attack Based on Focus Target? Controls_InheritedTargeting = true Volume Controls! X = 0 to 100 VolumeAmbience = X VolumeMaster = X VolumeMusic = X VolumeSFX = X VolumeVoiceover = X   Old Nameplates in this video: Head on over to Reddit if you want to…

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