SWTOR Tweaks (Including a Chat Bubbles Toggle!)

Are you looking for some SWTOR tweaks to help customize the game fully suited to your needs? Good news for the rest of us, there are a lot of dedicated fans helping us all find ways to get more into the game. One such fan posted some great SWTOR tweaks over on Reddit and it even includes a chat bubbles toggle.

Here is a snippet:

The following can be added to youraccountname_Account.ini in C:UsersUSERAppDataLocalSWTORretailclient
If chat bubbles are not in during Early Access you should be able to force them.
Social_UseOverheadChat = true
Social_ChatOverSelf = true
GUI Map Fog of War toggle.
GUI_MapHideFoWMasks = false
Attack Based on Focus Target?
Controls_InheritedTargeting = true
Volume Controls! X = 0 to 100
VolumeAmbience = X
VolumeMaster = X
VolumeMusic = X
VolumeSFX = X
VolumeVoiceover = X

Old Nameplates in this video:

Head on over to Reddit if you want to see the full post from the original poster. The comments can also be useful in helping you learn more. Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments.

Lisa Clark

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