SWTOR update 1.1 Valor Bug Patched- Exploiters Punished

The first SWTOR update, patch 1.1 was a rocky one indeed. While there are many great things that came with Rise of the Rakghouls, there were also some bugs and issues. The biggest of which was the open-world PvP zone of Ilum. The new patch allowed the easy exploitation of this zone and some players took maximum advantage of the opportunity to farm up large amounts of Valor points. Game Zone actually previously predicted this would happen: When the patch first went live, our very own Andrew Clouther wrote in his initial impressions that the new system would fail due to server imbalance – predicting the faction with more players would crush, camp, and “make the other factions’ life hell””. And sure enough, that is exactly what happened with this patch. As GameZone reports: In some cases, people were rumored to get as many as 20 Valor levels in about…

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