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First Level 50s in the United States Emerge

Still days before the official launch of SWTOR, we hear reports of people reach max level already. There are a few level 25+ in my guild already and they all have jobs and/or families and other responsibilities. At least a couple of them will reach 50 easily before December 20th. Jaxon reports on the forums early this morning: “Anyone beat this time? 2:10am CST 12/17/2011 Ding 50 Jaxon Server: Hedarr Soongh Republic Commando Some replies commented that he was not actually the first to 50, with one saying, “There is a level 50 on Lord Adraas (an RP server beat you!) that was max’d before this.” Either way, it’s safe to say Jaxon was probably in the top 10 to reach 50 in the United States. This does bring up a good point, however, as we read the comments and we see that some “haters” just don’t care much for…

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