A Beginners Guide to CS:GO Cases

If you’re new to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the key game mechanics you’ll need to wrap your head around is case opening. Every CS:GO player will have to deal with cases at some point, with cases awarded to players based on their stats. Cases are awarded to those who emerge victorious from matches, but they can also be purchased as premium add-ons. Looking to learn more? Our beginner’s guide to CS:GO cases has all the information you need to know. 

CS:GO Cases Explained 

CS:GO cases are essentially content boxes that are loaded with a variety of skins. Cases can include everything from skins for gear, weaponry, and a host of other items. CS:GO cases operate on the ‘blind pick’ principle, meaning there’s no guarantee you’ll end up with a premium weapon or sought-after skin. Many CS:GO players like to emulate the content they’ve seen their favorite players utilize in games. Looking for some inspiration? Watch CSGO matches here for an idea of the kind of skins the best Counter-Strike players are currently using. 

Cases can be opened with keys earned from winning a match, although these can also be purchased if you’re playing CS:GO via the Steam Community Market

How to Open Cases 

To open a CS:GO case, you’ll also need to have a key at your disposal. Each type of case has a corresponding key. These keys are fairly easy to get your hands on. Keys can be dished out at random after winning a match or climbing the ranks. You can also turn to the Steam Community Market to bolster your key stocks more quickly. 

Several online platforms provide you with case opening resources. HellCase and FarmSkins are two of the most popular. To access these platforms, you’ll need to use your Steam account. Although these sites require you to part with actual money to access case content, there are several lucrative awards for users. Regular customers can benefit from free case allowances, as well as bonus schemes. 

Do Your Homework 

Not every CS:GO case is worth your time. Before you start investing money in keys, research the particulars of any given case to build up a clearer picture of what you can expect. Case opening simulators are worth investigating if you want to determine the kind of skins you can expect, without leaving it purely to chance. 

Weapon Case Varieties 

There are three main varieties of weapon cases available. So-called ‘Black’ cases come courtesy of CS:GO developer Valve itself. These cases tend to be loaded with fairly standard weapon skins and will require a CS:GO case key to access. Alternatively, you can try your luck with a ‘Yellow’ case. These cases are packed with weapon skins designed by community users. If you’re looking for something a little different, you should think about exploring yellow case contents. Finally, there are ‘esports‘ weapon cases. As with black cases, these cases are created by Valve. You’ll need an esports key to access these containers, with a small slice of the price set aside for financing the booming esports sector.