What’s Good On Hulu In May 2023

What’s Good On Hulu In May 2023?

Some days you want to go to the theater with your friends, grab popcorn, and hang out after the movie. Other days, you just want to be at home and stream something from the comfort of your couch or bed. Luckily for you and me, we have streaming services and smart TVs to help us enjoy the movie to the fullest! So, here we are, making this list of new movies to watch on Hulu for the month of May.

Before we start listing down the movies, however, we would like to share a bit of advice. Watching movies on Hulu, or any other streaming service will only be as enjoyable as the quality of your internet connection. If you have a spotty internet connection, you can say goodbye to a good movie experience. Thus, make sure to have a good internet connection, even if you plan on downloading the movie. 

To help you out a little, why don’t you check out the Xfinity internet plans and see what a good plan entails? You can opt for an Xfinity plan or at least get an idea of what you should be looking for. Make your decision and then get on with the movies!

Fire of Love

Okay, this might not be new on Hulu but hear me out. This movie is nominated for Best Documentary for this year’s Academy Awards. Once you watch this movie, you will see exactly why that is too! Fire of Love is a documentary about Maurice and Katia Krafft and their love for volcanoes. The couple was a pair of volcanologists and they were most definitely not the stuffy scientists that we are used to seeing or believing. 

The documentary is put together from their various film footage of volcanic eruptions and much more. Unfortunately, their love of volcanoes was also what killed them in 1991 when Mount Unzen erupted.


We’ve all read about, heard about, and watched the story of Romeo and Juliet many times, however, what if we were to view this story from another perspective? In this movie, Rosaline, Juliet’s cousin, takes center stage and we get to see a different perspective and a different take on the story. We see that Rosaline and Romeo are secretly meeting each other and seem to have a good relationship. 

Later on, when Romeo meets Juliet at a ball, the both of them fall in love with each other, much to Rosaline’s dismay. Thus begins Rosaline’s attempt at separating the two of them. But, things don’t exactly go according to plan, do they?


How many of you remember the fear you felt when watching Arnold Schwarzenegger battle it out with the Predator? Well, be ready to feel that fear once again in this new movie about the very same creature. This movie is a prequel to all the previous movies. The film is set in the 1700s and it shows the Comanche Nation fighting off against the Predator. 

In particular, the Predator faces off against a young female warrior who is also the first person to accidentally come across him. Like the other Predator movies, this movie is also quite intense and of course, bloody. Moreover, the new setting of the Predator makes it a refreshing watch.


If you love mind-bending movies like Inception where you have to sit down and think about what you have just watched, then this is one more movie to add to your watch list. Ultrasound tells the story of a man who is invited to spend the night at a couple’s home after he accidentally runs over a spike strip. Soon after, the husband asks the man to sleep with his wife and things start to get really messed up from this point on. 

It turns out the man is just a patient at a mental hospital and so is the woman, whereas her husband is actually not her spouse. Are you confused yet? Because if you are, you will be even more confused after watching the film! 

The Worst Person in the World

It’s safe to say that this movie was all over the place and because of this, it is one of the best movies to watch! The reason we say this is because the story follows a young woman in her twenties who is trying to figure things out as she goes along. Whether it is in terms of relationships or a career, Julie seems to be experimenting with her options and checking what fits her. 

While it sounds terrible when put like that, we all know how excruciating the twenties can be, especially when you’re trying to find your footing as an adult. This movie captures all that perfectly.

What’s Next on Your Watch List?

Well, what do you think? All the movies mentioned here belong to different genres so now, you can either watch them all or just choose the one you find most interesting. Either way, you now have a few movies to stream over the weekend while you relax at home with extra snacks and perhaps a few friends!