The Journey of Zack Snyder's "Rebel Moon" From Star Wars Concept to Netflix Original

The Journey of Zack Snyder’s “Rebel Moon” From Star Wars Concept to Netflix Original

It might surprise many to learn that the upcoming Netflix sci-fi epic, “Rebel Moon,” directed by Zack Snyder, originated as a concept for a Star Wars movie. Snyder’s original vision, however, did not align with the established Star Wars universe, and the project took a different course, evolving into the independent saga set to release on Netflix on December 22​​.

In an exclusive interview with Empire, Snyder explained that his idea for the Star Wars movie, which never materialized, eventually metamorphosed into “Rebel Moon,” an original, multi-part sci-fi saga. During the tumultuous time when Snyder was embarking on his journey with DC, he also had another potential landmark saga in mind – a Star Wars story. The initial concept, pitched to Lucasfilm while Snyder was in post-production on “Man Of Steel,” was a space-based rendition of the classic film, “Seven Samurai.” This concept for a Star Wars movie was, as Snyder revealed, his original idea​​.

Snyder’s concept sought to pay homage to the works that inspired George Lucas, especially the films of Akira Kurosawa. But there were several reasons why “Rebel Moon” never became part of the iconic space opera, Star Wars. A significant factor was the timing of the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. In that uncertain period, Snyder expressed his wish to not use any known Star Wars characters, and instead, focus on his original idea. Furthermore, Snyder initially wanted the film to be rated R, a decision that was almost a non-starter given the family-friendly nature of the Star Wars franchise​​.

Despite the initial complications, Snyder eventually developed his original tale, ensuring it was created exactly as he envisioned it. He acknowledged the enormity of his ask, making a film within the Star Wars galaxy that didn’t utilize any of its established characters or themes. As he delved deeper into the project, he realized it was probably not going to align with his desired outcome. Therefore, he shifted gears and started creating his own universe across multiple movies. Interestingly, these films will initially release on Netflix in family-friendly cuts, with harder-edged R-leaning versions to follow. The evolution of Snyder’s original Star Wars concept into “Rebel Moon” demonstrates a unique trajectory in the world of filmmaking, and viewers are eagerly awaiting its release​​.

The story of “Rebel Moon” highlights the importance of creative freedom in filmmaking. Despite starting as a concept for a Star Wars movie, the saga found its own identity, separate from the renowned franchise. As Snyder’s vision comes to fruition, audiences worldwide are set to embark on a brand-new journey in a galaxy crafted by Snyder’s imagination.