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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – A new Fintech Revolution?

There have been tons of positive sentiments towards the disruptive natures of the DeFi in many industries. Since the inception of the defi smart contract development unto the market, it quickly gained attention of the conservative people in the financial industries. However, there have been ups and downs in certain parties in comprehending the true potential of defi development. One will need to understand first about how DeFi can really give the solution on a regular basis. The only way that decentralized finance development will proceed is when all of the parties involved are working and collaborating together to achieve such promised results. That includes the supervisors, traditional finance, the participants, as well as the investors. 1. Blockchain technology- foundation for DeFi                     As long as one knows the foundation for the defi exchange development, the particular project will surely lead to the right directions. The main idea…

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SWTOR Simulator Android App –Datapad Lite

One SWTOR fan, a self-confessed altaholic, wanted a TOR simulator app and since there was not one, decided to make one himself. He calls it Datapad and it does some pretty cool stuff. The app is for Android and can be found here. A post on Reddit explains: “It’s not done yet but I wanted to let you guys know about it to get some feedback on what I should change, improve, or add. There’s a Lite (free) and a Full (paid) version, but you can check out all the features in the Lite version.” The app actually looks pretty cool with what it can do. Basics include: multiple characters (Lite is limited to 1) show class / advanced class abilities make multiple skill tree builds (Lite is limited to 1) customize the interface to show/hide stuff you don’t care about And there are some unique things that it can…

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