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Instant Cash: Can Americans Borrow Money Quickly?

When you face a financial problem and need a bit of help, instant cash advance loans can save your day. They are fast and easy to get. Direct lenders issue them to applicants with good and bad credit history. So they have everything to get you back on track. Instant Cash Loans – Myth or Reality? Many American citizens find themselves in difficult financial situations. They simply don’t know what to do. And this is where direct lenders are stepping in. They offer instant cash loans along with other loan products. As you can guess, it’s not a myth. Regardless of your credit background, you can apply for an instant cash loan with direct lenders. It doesn’t take much time and effort to get the necessary amount of money. The main thing is to prove your credibility, namely your ability to make repayment on time. Instant Cash Loans for…

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TOR TV: How to use the Galactic Trade Network to make butt loads of money

thenoobistcolony has uploaded one of the best free credits guide I have seen so far. In this guide he goes through how to make money on the galactic trade network by using alts. This guide covers all the basic stuff in Auction house domination as we know it from the early mmorpg’s This SWTOR Galactic Trade Network Guide should help you to be successful at the good ol’ auction house (GTN for now). The  GTN  can be fun and rewarding… but it can also be annoying at times. Using the auction house is pretty common sense, but a lot of people get into trouble by being impatient or by trying to make “quick” gold. In this guide I’ll give you information on making gold from selling:

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TOR TV: Slicing Tutorial = Easy Credit’s

Here is a quick tutorial for you on Slicing. Slicing is one of the four Gathering Skills which involves accessing secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable data and rare schematics. aikiwoce from reddit did a pretty need guide on Maximizing Slicing Returns. You can read it below the video. Basically try to stick to these 4 rules while slicing: 1. Try not to queue anything less than a Bountiful Yield mission. Even Bountiful Yield missions 2 or more tiers below your current one have higher yields than moderate/abundant ones at your current slicing level. The mission Yields go Wealthy (discovery purple) > Prosperous (discovery blue) > Rich & Bountiful & Abundant & Moderate. Mission Discoveries for slicing don’t seem to pay off, so avoid unless you want augments. 2. If you don’t have a Bountiful or Rich Yield Mission available, queue a lower class mission. 3. Try to stagger…

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