Customization options and pricing

Servers have only been up for a few hours, and the internet is already buzzing about all the cool new stuff. If you haven’t tried it out for yourself yet, Dulfy have a video showing off all the customizations available to the new SWTOR Cathar species. Cehck it out below: Over at reddit, DFSniper uploaded an image showing all Customization options and pricing The cost to change species includes all of the sliders in that price (so the 792 in the screenshot includes the cost to change species and the cost for each of the sliders).  So, to get a Cathar on existing toons, you’re looking at 600 for the unlock and then another 792 to do the actual species change

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Update on End-game Gear and Customization

Have you made it to 50 yet? Are you happy with the end-game gear and customization options in SWTOR? If you’re not, then you’re not alone. Many players have already expressed that they are not real happy with the gear and the customization options that are available post-50. Some people think the end game armor sets that BioWare has designed are ugly and then other people just don’t like the idea of BioWare being the one to decide what their end-game gear will look like or the idea that they will look just like every other player of their class. Some people just want more customization and more options. So BioWare has given an answer to these please and complaints. Here is the full write-up from the SWTOR official forums: “The current situation with end game gear and item modifications isn’t final and, in fact, many community members like yourself…

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James Ohlen reveals a few secrets in the new Star Wars Insider

In the Recent Star Wars Insider Magazine #121, James Ohlen revealed a lot about almost every aspect of Star Wars: The Old republic. For hard-core followers of the game, there isn’t much new information, but there is a few interesting statement, concerning casual content: “A lot of people are scared of massively multiplayer games because a lot of MMOs can become a grind… We’ve chosen to avoid that. We always give the player a story to drive the game forward. One of the more Interesting part of the Article is where Ohlen is speaking about the Sith Storyline. He explains about one of the first tasks that need to be done will be to kill your master. When that is done you need to locate a jedi and corrupt him. Furthermore he is outlining how the decisions you make affect the story you experience but also effect your character customization….

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