SWTOR Trick to Improve Graphic Performance

If you want to correct the high resolution texture issue that a lot of people are complaining about with SWTOR, then there is a little trick you can do to improve your graphic performance in the game. For some people, it might be too much trouble just to correct some shiny floors but for those who are comfortable with tweaking their settings, it’s a fairly simple process. *Keep in mind that adjusting your settings is done at your own risk. * You can change the settings for your SWTOR profile GPU profile. The idea is to is to force your ‘LOD Bias’ to -3. Nvidia Inspector is freeware that will help NVIDIA users. ATI Tray Tools is freeware that will help if you have an ATI GPU. Once you have these tools installed, go to the 3D settings and choose “additional” (should be a tab for it) and then set…

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Custom Loading Screens Must Repair after Patch

Remember we told you about how you could customize your SWTOR loading screen? As much fun as it is to do so, you will have to pay the price for having done so. Associate Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez explains on the official SWTOR forums: Hey everyone, We’ve noticed that many of you have been going into your SWTOR game files and overwriting the default loading screen. While this has resulted in some very impressive custom loading screens, we need to remind you all that changing game files will corrupt your installation and force you to repair with the subsequent patch. Overwrite your SWTOR loading screen at your own peril. Thank you Oh, file corruption… you ruin all the fun! So anyway, knowing this now, will you continue to customize your loading screen or will you go back to default and just stick with that to save the trouble of…

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KOTOR: Now widescreen with new content and customizable robes!

Thinking about trying out KOTOR before SWTOR comes out? Sure you do – if not, your missing out. If you already played it, you know how awesome it is – but here is a chance to make it even more cool. JAG from fileplanet has created a list of mods that will make the game even more mind blowing then it was the first time you played it. Here is a short run down of the most important: Widescreen Modification by Widescreengaming: The original game lacks widescreen support that brings those lovely Twi’lek females up to date. Using this file, you will be able to boost the resolution to modern wide-screen monitors. Make sure your game is patched and Steam versions follow this guide¨..   Power Overwhelming Mod by Niuhaka: Now that the game is looking good, it’s time to make your character into the gorgeous badass he should be. This amazing modification will replaces the third male Asian head…

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