Selling Currency to a Game Not Yet Released?

Apparently you can buy SWTOR credits now, even though the game has not yet released. For gamers who partake in gold/currency-buying, this might be good news. For others, it’s an early sign of the annoying “gold-spammers” might cause in the increasingly popular game. Companies selling Star Wars: The Old Republic currency for real-world money are already on the Net and bartering their goods, months before the expected release of the game. Popular gold seller IGXE (Internet Game Exchange) recently released a press release about their placeholder pricing on SWTOR credits at £650 for 1000 credits. A simple search online will show you many other companies getting in the SWTOR action with promises of credit/gold to players. Just a few examples of the existing domains hawking non-existent credits include:,,,,,,, and The closer it gets to launch time for the game, the more we…

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