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Online Gaming Essentials

As esports continues to grow and become the most popular online gaming option, and as alternative services continue to grow with changing demographics and audiences being more attracted than ever to online casual options that can take advantage of options to get a little something extra, but there are some things that can have a profound impact on the online gaming experience regardless of the platform being used – and can make a huge different in performance when playing.  Choosing the right peripherals – Whether playing on a dedicated system like PC or console, or something with multiple use like a mobile device, there are a whole host of different peripherals on the market from keyboards, mice, controllers, handheld devices, and audio devices like headphones and earbuds too. Going up in price can offer a lot of different options but choosing the most expensive option may not always be…

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How To Start a Career in Professional Gaming?

The world of gaming entertainment has taken a complete U-turn since the 1990s and 2000s. The days of competing against AI or inviting your friends over to pick up a second controller have turned into online betting sites in 2021, delivering odds on competitive gaming and players battling each other from other sides of the planet in the comfort of their homes. In addition, gamers can now become professionals in their craft, but how do you start a career in professional gaming?  Becoming a professional gamer or beginning a gaming career is an exciting thought for most people. If you love playing video games, there’s a great chance you’ve dreamt of playing at a professional level or thought, ‘am I good enough? Whether you want to join a gaming community, win an esports tournament, or make money from pro-gaming – the possibilities are easily obtainable in comparison to physical sports…

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