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Countdown Begins For Star Wars Blu-ray Details

Proving that there’s somebody out there that can generate worse puns than me, Lucasfilm sent an e-mail message out over the weekend hinting that all the details of the Star Wars saga Blu-ray sets will be revealed on May fourth. The e-mail points to the “May the 4th Be With You – Star Wars Countdown page” on Underneath the timer is the simple phrase “All Will Be Revealed.” To spare you the math, the exact day and time for the reveal is Wednesday, May 4 at 9am EST/6am PST. Thus far all we know about the Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray is all six films will be available in a single box set as well as the prequel and original trilogies in their own box sets. LucasFilm has also confirmed that all-new deleted scenes will be included and previewed one featuring Luke at the beginning of Return…

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May The Pork Be With You: Here Comes the Star Wars Porn Parody

The world of the Porn Parody has long held the distinction of featuring some of the greatest, and most creative titles in the entire movie industry landscape. Everyone knows the legend of such tongue-in-cheek (among other body parts) titles as Shaving Ryan’s Privates and Edward Penishands, and now something is even more exciting is happening in the world of filth. A couple of years back, Kevin Smith’s Zack & Miri Make A Porno focused on Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks’ attempt to make a Star Wars based porn flick, and now it seems that reality is about to mimic art with the release of a real XXX parody of George Lucas’ franchise. And it’s in lurid 3D no less! The news comes as star Kylie Ireland posted this photo of the construction of a landspeeder on the set – though to me it looks a lot like someone’s just stuck…

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It’s official that the forums will be closing down. At the end of this month, they will become read-only so it’s time to save, copy or print anything that you deem important information because come Friday, June 3rd, it will disappear from cyberspace forever! An official announcement by Pabawan reads as follows: At, we are always evaluating the various features of the website in order to provide the best experience to our users. As we review new community-based interactive features for the future, we have decided that the Official Message Boards at will no longer be part of the site. April 2011 will be the last month of active message boards on On Friday, April 29 the forums will be locked into a read-only mode, so that users can look through older posts and copy any they may wish to keep for posterity. On Friday, June…

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3D Version of ‘Star Wars’ Gets a Release Date

Finally, fans can see Jar Jar Binks in glorious three dimensions. “Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace” has an official 3D theatrical release date. The first part in the space saga will hit theaters on Feb. 10, 2012, according to a Lucasfilm-operated site. Lucasfilm plans to release all six films in the series in 3D, with one coming out each year. The hope is to reintroduce the franchise to young audiences who have only seen “Star Wars” on TV and DVD. This isn’t the first time Lucas has revisited the original trilogy. In 1997, the director spent over $10 million up revising the movies he shot in the 1970s and 80s and inserting scenes and characters that exploited CGI technology. He also inserted new digital alien creations and inserted scenes — alterations that drew the ire of fans. The conversion to 3D was supervised by Industrial Light & Magic.

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Revan almost appeared in last week’s episode of The Clone Wars

In a video commentary, on the Official Star Wars website, supervising director Dave Filoni explains how Darth Revan was supposed to appear in the episode of Clone Wars that was aired last week: “Ghosts of Morits”: We designed them. They are in The Clone Wars style. We modeled them in The Clone Wars style, and we shot the scene in the episode. The scene exists. But it never made it into animation, it only existed in layout. I was very apprehensive of this scene, as cool as it was, because the implication of it. Which is that, these Sith Lords could separate themselves from the Force, and somehow talk to the Son. George watches it, and he loved it, it was great. But eventually, I got a call from George. And he said, you know, I’ve been really thinking about this, and we should really take that scene out, with…

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George Lucas Still Makes a Lot of Money Off ‘Star Wars’ Toys

In 2010, Lucasfilm broke its record for the most revenue gained from toy sales in a year without a Star Wars theatrical release, raking in $510 million dollars worth of action figures, space ships, and other assorted hunks of plastic. The Hollywood Reporter points out that, though there were no Star Wars films in theaters, the popularity of the Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: Clone Wars maintained a certain pop cultural profile for the franchise. Keep in mind that this is purely toy sales, and does not include the myriad of other merchandise from a galaxy far, far away. When George Lucas negotiated his contract to write and direct the first Star Wars film, he insisted on maintaining the merchandising rights, including toys, and 20th Century Fox readily agreed. At the time, studios didn’t view toy tie-ins as a meaningful enterprise. Lucas corrected their thinking, and you’ll notice that almost every…

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Hello Star Wars Kitty?

Even though is just  illustrations by the talented artist Joseph Senior, we can’t help wonder if this would be the image we see when looking up the word “adorkable” in the dictionary. Senior has also given Hello Kitty makeovers to other Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, C-3PO and more: Check out his full sets of images here: My Hello Kitty Pop Culture series and Hello Robots collection

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The Guild – Star Wars Fun

Hey everyone! Okay, last week I promised that I’d look into some more guild related stuff, but as it so happens, I’m one of those special breeds called “lazy”, and as such, I didn’t really get it done in time. So I’ll postpone it untill next week. I did, however, find time to post a few funny movies I’ve enjoyed several times, and I hope you will as well. Some of them you might already know, but I think most of these are worth more than one view! Luke getting yelled at by Vader Vader being a smartass What if Obi Wan had used force run? Vader feels blue Dramatic star wars chipmunk If you find yourself holding on to some information you’d like to spread around, or if you simply have to get something off your chest – don’t hesitate, send me that e-mail right away! All subjects concering…

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