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SWTOR Companion Romance Guide

Nikole from g4tv.com has a new column that proves to be interesting to those who like their gaming news and gossip with a side of fun. First, she brings us this SWTOR Companion Romance Guide which is a great way to see what your romance options are. Nikole says: “Star Wars: The Old Republic can be a tough place to find love; that’s why we made this SWTOR Companion Romance Guide. Your next quest, 10 force-sensitive rakghouls, the perfect armor mods; there are plenty of missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and there are just as many potential hook-ups. I have some advice for navigating your way through romantic space. This will be the first, in a series I like to call Rated-Teen Beat: Everything you need to know about gaming’s latest gossip. Let’s dish! Today we’re going to focus, not just on finding love, but on finding that…

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Family Research Council against Gay Relationships in SWTOR

You will remember that some time ago, some SWTOR players complained that the game did not give the option for same sex companion relationships. BioWare first defended this decision by explaining that homosexual relationships did not exist in the original Star Wars worlds, at least not that were known to us from the storyline. However, it seems they have changed their tone to meet the demands of the fans as they have announced that they will be launching a same-sex romance component to the game in a future patch. This is completely optional and players will choose whether or not they want to romance companions of the same sex or not. Many gay fans are celebrating the news but of course the voices of those against it are just as loud (maybe louder?). The Family Research Council (FRC) is speaking out against the gay relationships in SWTOR and had this announcement…

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