SWTOR Update 7.4.1: Introducing Date Night Companion Missions

SWTOR Introduces “Date Night” Companion Missions in Game Update 7.4.1

This article provides an overview of the new Date Night Companion Missions feature introduced in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Game Update 7.4.1, highlighting the initial companions available for these missions, the conditions for access, and the unique rewards players can earn.

In a delightful twist to the ongoing saga of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), the game’s narrative team announced an innovative feature set to deepen the player’s connection with their in-game companions. Dubbed “Date Night Companion Missions,” this feature, revealed during the Game Update 7.4.1 livestream by Narrative Director Ashley Ruhl and Lead Writer Caitlin Sullivan Kelly, promises to add a new layer of personal interaction between players and their beloved characters.

A Closer Look at Date Night Companion Missions

Designed as weekly repeatable Alliance Alert missions, Date Night Companion Missions offer fully-voiced, cinematic-only scenes that are unique to each companion’s interests. Whether it’s a casual outing for drinks at the cantina, a strategic game of Dejarik, or some friendly sparring practice, these missions are tailored to reflect the character and relationship dynamics of the player and their companion.

For the initial launch in 7.4.1, the feature will be available for four companions accessible to all players: SIS agent Theron Shan, Sith Lord Lana Beniko, Zakuulan captain Koth Vortena, and former Eternal Emperor Arcann. Each companion brings a unique scene to the table, allowing players to explore different facets of their relationships. To access these Date Night missions, players must be in an official romance with the character and have the companion currently available in the story.

Expanding the Companion Experience

The SWTOR team has expressed their commitment to expanding this feature, with plans to release 1-2 Date Night Missions alongside future Galactic Seasons. The goal is to eventually provide a polished and unique scene for every companion, ensuring that players have a wide array of personal experiences to explore within the game.

Engaging with Date Night Missions

Date Night Companion Missions are accessible under specific conditions: players must have unlocked a romance with the character, and the companion must be present in the story. These missions are weekly repeatable, offering players the chance to revisit their favorite moments regularly.

While using items that automatically complete story content will not unlock Date Night Missions, players can look forward to unique rewards for engaging with these missions. After a number of playthroughs, players will receive a special title and decoration that encapsulate the essence of their dates. Although these missions won’t alter the relationship status or story progression, they remain available as long as the romance with the companion is active.

Conclusion: A New Dimension of SWTOR Relationships

Game Update 7.4.1’s introduction of Date Night Companion Missions marks a significant step forward in SWTOR’s narrative experience. By allowing players to spend personal time with their companions in a relaxed, intimate setting, the game deepens the emotional bonds that form the heart of its expansive universe. As players eagerly anticipate the rollout of more Date Night missions, SWTOR continues to prove its dedication to creating a rich, immersive world that resonates with its community.