SWTOR Patch Notes Unveiled: Game Update 7.4.1 Brings New Seasons, Missions, and More

The galaxy of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is ever-expanding, and with the release of Game Update 7.4.1, players are on the brink of discovering new horizons. This update, rich with content, enhancements, and community-driven improvements, marks another significant milestone in the SWTOR saga.

Key Highlights of Game Update 7.4.1

Galactic Seasons 6: “Building a Foundation”
Dive into the sixth season of Galactic Seasons with “Building a Foundation,” where players are tasked with new objectives and rewarded with exclusive gear, mounts, and more. This season focuses on the intricate balance of power within the galaxy, challenging players to navigate the political and military landscapes that define the SWTOR universe.

Introduction of Date Night Companion Missions
In a move to deepen the narrative experience, Game Update 7.4.1 introduces Date Night Companion Missions. These missions offer players unique opportunities to explore their relationships with their companions through fully-voiced, cinematic interactions. Whether it’s a strategic discussion or a moment of leisure, these missions add a new layer of depth to the companions’ stories.

APAC Character Transfers and Promotional Discounts
Acknowledging the global SWTOR community, this update opens up character transfers to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) servers, accompanied by a promotional discount. This initiative aims to enhance the gaming experience for players in the APAC region and foster a more interconnected community.

Cartel Market Additions
The Cartel Market sees an influx of new items, including armor sets, weapons, and cosmetic options. These additions allow players to further customize their characters and stand out in the galaxy.

Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

Game Update 7.4.1 doesn’t just expand content but also focuses on enhancing the player experience through various quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. From interface tweaks to performance optimizations, SWTOR continues to evolve based on player feedback and technological advancements.

Conclusion: The Journey Continues

With each update, SWTOR reaffirms its commitment to delivering a rich, immersive experience that captivates both long-time fans and newcomers. Game Update 7.4.1 is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and its developers’ dedication to crafting a living, breathing universe that players can explore and influence.

As the SWTOR community delves into the new content and features of Game Update 7.4.1, the saga of the galaxy far, far away continues to unfold in exciting and unexpected ways. The Force is strong with this update, and the adventure is just beginning.

Here are the complete patchnotes:


Galactic Season 6 – Building A Foundation

Galactic Seasons 6 “Building a Foundation” will begin with the launch of Game Update 7.4.1 on March 12th! Once the update goes live, players will be able to make progress through the Free Reward track or the Subscriber Reward track (both tracks are available to Subscribers!) and earn new rewards such as a beautiful Copero Stronghold!

Date Night

Date Night Companion missions are a new narrative feature debuting with Game Update 7.4.1. For the launch of Date Night in 7.4.1, we’re starting with four companions that are available to all players. They include SIS agent Theron Shan, Sith Lord Lana Beniko, Zakuulan captain Koth Vortena, and former Eternal Emperor Arcann, each with their own unique scene that exemplifies their character. These Date Night missions will be available to players who are currently in a romance with these characters, and only when the companions are available in the player’s story.

Galactic Trade Network (GTN)  Droid Legacy Unlock

A new Character Convenience unlock has been added to Legacy Perks! Once unlocked, players will be able to reach the GTN at any time without needing to travel to the Fleet, their personal ship, various planets or Strongholds!

  • Level 1 – Access to droid, 60m cooldown
    • Requires Player level of 20
    • Costs 3.5M Credits (Req Legacy level of 5) or 400 CCs
  • Level 2 – Lowers cooldown to 45m
    • Requires Player level of 50
    • Costs 7M Credits (Req Legacy Level of 10) or 250 CCs
  • Level 3 – Lowers cooldown to 15m
    • Requires Player level of 80
    • Costs 15M Credits (Req Legacy Level of 20) or 250 CCs

Ancient Armaments Added To Daily Login Rewards

  • Ancient Armaments contain various armor appearances including ones that could not previously be acquired or traded.
    • These armor pieces do not contain stats or mod slots and are intended solely for Outfitter.
    • These armor pieces do have dye slots and can be traded and bought / sold on the GTN.
  • The armor pieces that are available inside of Ancient Armaments are now also available as random world drops.

Character Transfers

  • Outfits will now be included when characters are transferred between servers.
  • Character Transfers to the Shae Vizla server in the Asia-Pacific region will be open with 7.4.1’s launch! Here are all the details:
    • There is a 15 million credit cap per character.
    • Characters must be at least level 20 in order to qualify for a transfer.
    • Players who have been Subscribed since before January 2, 2024 will receive 16 free transfers to the Shae Vizla server.
      • Free transfers will be available for the next 30 days only
    • For the next 90 days, all Subscribers will receive a 50% discount (500 Cartel Coins off!) on transfers to the Shae Vizla server.
      • This discount will be applied for Subscribers who use up their free transfers. 
    • Paid transfers cost 1000CC per transfer for non-subscribers. This will be the default price after the promotion period ends. 
    • The credit and character level requirements detailed above will still apply to these transfers and all future transfers.


  • The “View Ledger” button on the Cartel Market now correctly links to the updated page on the website.
  • Fixed character visibility inconsistencies when using the Gree Hypergate Toy.
  • Fixed issue where tooltip anchor would fail to save after area transition.
  • Resolved an issue with the speeders on Hutta where Players would pop or spin around at the end of Taxi Routes.
  • Fixed the Unread Mail UI icon so that it once again properly updates when new Mail is received.
  • The Repair tab on vendors and repair droids can once again be accessed.
  • The zoom function icon is now properly displayed during Character Create.
  • Fixed wall gaps that some players can fall through on multiple planets.
  • Fixed some of the Light Bars from the Imperial Fleet so that they’re now placed correctly on the walls.
  • The Mantellian Flutterplume’s name is now spelled correctly.
  • Fixed some visual oddities on several waterfalls on Tython.
  • Removed a random floating bottle on Dantooine.


  • The mission “The State of Things to Come” now appears as a story mission in the mission journal and tracker.
  • Resolved an issue where Players are unable to complete Andronikos’s Return Mission “A Pirate Life ” due to romancing and breaking up with certain other companions.
  • The mission step progress for “[DAILY] Scrapyard” is now shared across all players in the group.
  • Z0-0M Should no longer become an invalid companion when re-logging during “Shroud of Memory”.
  • The player’s dark side corruption should no longer be removed when completing The Forgotten World mission.
  • Characters can now contract the Rakghoul Infection properly during the Taris “Catalyst” mission.

Kessan’s Landing

  • Corrected an issue that could cause players to become trapped in the Geothermal Plant on Kessan’s Landing after completing “The Heat is On.”
  • Several Nova Blade pirates on Rishi who were hostile in previously-neutral areas have been asked to calm down a bit.
  • Reduced the required missions to complete [WEEKLY] Daily Area: Kessan’s Landing to 8 (down from 10). 
  • Added the following to the appropriate mission terminals.
    • [DAILY] Grateful Grazers (Republic)
    • [DAILY] Panther Training (Imperial)
    • [DAILY] Turn the Lights On (Both)
    • [DAILY] Unstable Readings” (Both) 

Galactic Trade Network

  • Additional slots can be purchased under the Favorite Tab.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the GTN search function and the Buy button.


  • The Spoils of War: Jedi Sentinel/Sith Marauder achievement no longer requires the removed tactical Fanged God Form.
  • The Spoils of War: Vanguard/Powertech achievement no longer incorrectly requires the removed Sonic Heal Tactical.
  • Corrected an issue preventing the completion of the Admiring the View achievement in Secrets of the Enclave.

Combat Styles


  • When using Sage Stacks of Resurging Power, they will not be removed on using healing abilities, to match the equivalent Sorcerer effect.


  • Increased the duration of the triggered effect of Suppressive Heat to 20 seconds to match the equivalent Powertech effect.


  • Shadows in cinematics for the “Relics of the Gree” no longer fragment around character models.
  • Updated the Imperial arrival cinematic for Voss.


  • The Overlay Map will now be correctly updated when Quick Traveling from an exterior to an interior location.
  • The Galaxy Map icon will no longer be highlighted for newly created characters that can’t access it.


  • Regeneration Toys will correctly regenerate resources for all origin story and combat style combinations.
  • Ancient Force-Imbued Blade’s sheath/holster will remain visible after certain abilities are used. 
  • Cartel Market items will now have the appropriate use description text where applicable.
  • Gathering resource nodes while a weapon is drawn will no longer make equipped items invisible.
  • The Lekku on “Ri’kan’s Helmet” no longer stretch when the helmet is equipped in combination with “Cassus Fett’s Body Armor”.
  • Fixed thruster positions on Veteran Boltblaster’s Chestguard Mk-2.
  • The Ancient Force-Imbued Blade’s sheath will now retain its crystal color after cinematics.
  • The Shrewd Rascal’s Hat now properly reflects the applied Dye Module.
  • HK-51’s Scoped Assassinator rifle can no longer be equipped on player characters.
  • Adjusted the description of the Advanced Orange-Yellow color crystals.
  • The “BR-06 Republic Bomber Paint Job” item now unlocks the corresponding cosmetic called “BR-05 Republic Bomber Paint Job”.
  • Fixed some clipping issues on the Separatist Relay Desk and Lava Pit decorations.


  • The Mek-Sha Safehouse Stronghold unlock is now properly displayed in the Legacy window.
  • Fixed the Small Wall decoration hooks in the Mek-Sha Safehouse Stronghold.


  • Companions will now join in the first boss fight in Objective Meridian on Solo–Story mode for Imperial characters.
  • The loot crate at the end of “Objective Meridian” will now persist correctly when the terminal is used.

Galactic Seasons

French and German Game Clients


  • Shrine of Silence and Ruins of Nul are present in the Activity Finder.

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