SWTOR’s New Horizon: Shae Vizla, the Asia-Pacific Server Beckons

Hey there, Star Wars™: The Old Republic (SWTOR) fans! Gather around, because we’ve got some stellar news that’ll knock your space boots off! Keith Kanneg, the bigwig behind SWTOR, has dropped a bombshell that’s set the galaxy abuzz. Ready to dive in? Let’s jump to lightspeed and check it out!

Chapter 1: Shae Vizla – A New Frontier Awaits

Remember back in April when SWTOR teased us with a new cloud server in the Asia–Pacific region named Shae Vizla? Well, guess what? The wait is over! This shiny new server is launching on November 16, 2023, for early access​​. It’s not just any old update – this is a game-changer, folks! SWTOR has been itching to set up shop in this neck of the woods, and thanks to some tech wizardry, it’s finally happening. We’re talking a total revamp – from a spiffy 64-bit game client to migrating all servers to the cloud. This is no small potatoes – it’s a giant leap for SWTOR-kind!

Chapter 2: The New Kid on the Block

So, what’s the big deal about Shae Vizla, you ask? Here’s the scoop: It’s a brand-new server without any transfer options at launch​​. Why’s that cool, you wonder? Well, it means everyone gets to start on equal footing – whether you’re a seasoned vet or a newbie. Think of it as a fresh start, a clean slate. For the veterans, it’s a trip down memory lane, reliving the nostalgia and helping new players find their feet. And for the rookies? You’ve got over 12 years of content to dive into – it’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of Star Wars™ adventures!

Chapter 3: The Perks and Privileges

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Subscribers get first dibs on the server starting November 16th​​. It’s like an exclusive club – but just for a day. After that, it’s open house for everyone. And if you’re not a subscriber yet, there’s a sweet deal waiting for you. Imagine hopping on your very own K-NorCo B5C mount from day one. Sounds cool, right? Plus, the devs are going to be right there in the thick of it, playing alongside you. Talk about rubbing elbows with the creators!

Chapter 4: The Nuts and Bolts

So, where’s this Shae Vizla server parked? Right in Sydney, Australia​​. And for those wondering about character transfers and boosts, here’s the deal: no transfers at launch, but you can either start fresh or use a level boost​​​​. Galactic Seasons 5 is also in play, so there’s no shortage of action​​. And for those worried about losing their legacy or perks, fear not! You can still use your same Legacy name, and any account-wide unlocks are good to go on Shae Vizla​​​​. As for Strongholds, they’ve got a special setup too​​.


There you have it, fellow SWTOR enthusiasts! Keith Kanneg and the team have really outdone themselves this time. Shae Vizla isn’t just another server – it’s a whole new world waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just dipping your toes in the galaxy, there’s something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? The stars are calling, and adventure awaits in SWTOR!

Frequently Asked Questions about SWTOR’s Shae Vizla Server

1. What is the Shae Vizla server?

  • It’s a new Asia-Pacific server for “Star Wars™: The Old Republic,” offering a fresh start for players in the region.

2. When does the Shae Vizla server launch?

  • The server launches for subscribers on November 16, 2023, and opens to all players on November 17, 2023​​.

3. Can I transfer my existing character to the Shae Vizla server?

  • Not at launch. Initially, transfers aren’t available, but this may change in the future​​.

4. Are there any benefits for subscribers on the new server?

  • Yes, subscribers get 24-hour early access and exclusive offers, like the Join the Fight bundle​​.

5. Can I boost my character on this server?

  • Absolutely. Boosts like Master’s Datacron and Commander’s Character Token are available​​.

6. How will Galactic Seasons work on Shae Vizla?

  • Galactic Seasons 5 will be active until January 24, 2024, offering the same experiences as on other servers​​.

7. Will my existing Legacy and perks be available on Shae Vizla?

  • Your Legacy name can be used, but Legacies themselves aren’t transferable. Account-wide unlocks will be available​​​​.

8. What about Strongholds on the new server?

  • Strongholds need to be unlocked again, but if purchased with Cartel Coins, they’ll be available at no extra cost​​.

9. Where is the Shae Vizla server located?

  • It is located in Sydney, Australia​​.

10. Will developers be active on the new server?

  • Yes, developers will be playing alongside the community on the Shae Vizla server​​.