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SWTOR: “All That’s Left” Short Story

It has been a whille, but finally the good guys and girls over at BioWare Austine is releasing new story content for Star Wars the old Republic. Here is the latest short story named “All that’s left”. Enjoy: “Sa’har?” That voice–so familiar, despite the years since she last heard it. It sounded impossibly far away, yet close enough that she swiveled her head in search of its owner. “Sa’har–is that you?” The voice, its edges rippling with echoes, was louder. Closer. She ran toward the sound, but her feet were heavy… like stone. “Sa’har! I always knew you would find me. I’m… so happy to see you.” And there he was. Sa’har reached a trembling hand toward the brother she had not seen since she was taken to be trained by the Jedi. As her fingers inched closer, she could see her brother’s gaunt face was marred by fear, by…

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New SWTOR Short Story! “Seeing Red” by Jay Watamaniuk

The guys over at BioWare Austine posted a new short story named “Seeing Red”. I don’t understand what the picture in the article is supposed to be LOL. I thought it might be the dueling ring but that’s not how it’s described. Does anyone recognize this from somewhere ingame? I wonder if it is maybe some type of hint for future stuff? The filename is just rass_ordo_story.jpg Anyways. Check it out below: Late again. Jek is going to kill me. Rass Ordo was only steps away from the entrance to “Cover Fire”, the favored watering hole he and his brother Jekiah had been frequenting for years. When Jekiah wasn’t on assignment, it was a good bet he could be found here at about the same time of day, eating about the same kind of thing, surrounded by about the same kind of people. This was the unofficial cantina of warriors….

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BioWare Story is So Good in SWTOR- Could it Be Too Good?

Have you ever watched a great movie that moved you in some way but after it was over you felt a tad sad that it had ended? Sure, you’re glad you watched it and you’re thankful for the opportunity but you’re left with a slightly empty feeling of “what now?” Could this be a problem with SWTOR? IGN writer CharlesOnyett has some thoughts on this very topic. He talks about “fear of the finale”and how absorbed he is in the story- but that maybe this could be a bad thing. CouldBioWare have done too good of a job with the story in SWTOR? Onyett says: Mymain concern is what happens when the story ends. I’ll meet no new quest giverswho care what I do or fear what I say. I’ll run through the same corridors ofenemies time and time again for a percent chance to achieve a reward. I’ll playthe…

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