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Swtor collectors edition now 30 bucks at Kmart

Star Wars: The old republic collectors edition is now at sale for 30 bucks at Kmart. This is might be somewhat depressing considering what we paid for it at release, but this could also be an especially good deal for players when the Free to play version launches. Think of all the  cartel coins you will get.  A BioWare CSR has confirmed that it is indeed  possible to upgrade your account to the  collectors edition. You also get access to the Collector’s Edition Store if you upgrade it now, and of course the Darth Malgus statue!

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SWTOR Extreme – Collectors Edition Lounge & Items

Ever wondered what the collectors edition grants you? Well in our latest video you can find out! CE holders have access to a special “lounge” area within their space fleet, and once there, they can purchase some unique items from vendors. Our latest commentator, Duke, gives his commentary on what he thinks of these items and shows off what they look like. Hope you enjoyed these videos and we have many more coming soon 🙂

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First look at the SWTOR Collector’s Edition Store

Edit: This is just in from a beta tester Aparently the elevators take you to the VIP section: We aren’t allowed up the elevator at the moment. When you step on the elevator it boots you off immediately saying that you need a VIP card to access the elevator. No one has actually been able to go up inside of the VIP area that I’m aware of. I’m a CE owner and beta tester and I’m not allowed up there. The area around the elevators is NOT the VIP area, that is just a general social hub/cantina area in the middle of the new space station hub. Anyone is allowed in that area, just not up the elevators to the penthouse room. This video was mailed to us last night. It shows the area that will be available for people who ordered the Special edition or the collectors edition of SWTOR….

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