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Patch 1.3 Crew Skills Changes: Q&A with SWTOR Systems Designers David Hunt and Patrick Malott

Inquisitor Roadhouse has an excellent Q&A with SWTOR Systems Designers David Hunt and Patrick Malott and has shared that with us on their site. This is by far the clearest interview/explanation I’ve seen yet on this topic and it’s well worth the read. Complete with screenshots and answers directly from the BioWare staff, you can get a clearer explanation of the Crew Skill changes incoming with 1.3. Anexxia posts: Q: On the official SWTOR podcast, we heard that Augment stations were going to be added to the game with Patch 1.3. Could you talk a little bit about what they are and how they will work? A: Our goal with the modification system has always been to allow players to use any gear they choose and have it function at maximum statistical efficiency. Most of the major itemization changes we’ve added have been moving towards this goal, such as moving set…

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David Hunt answers a truck load of augment questions

David Hunt answers a ton of questions, regarding the new agument system, in a recent forum post. Personally I really like that I can R/E green items for the augment kit pieces. to summarize the important stuff: You can add an augment slot to any equip-able green item. Augments require a minimum Augment Slot level. There are 6 tiers. You can add any level Slot to any level item. You get the materials at a constant rate from RE’ing equippable items: 10 items -> 1 augment kit. The material tier corresponds to the tier of the gear RE’d. Extraction costs are reduced 30%. Adding an augment slot using a kit costs between 4.5k – 50k depending on the tier. Other information: Augment kits can be used by anyone. They are made by Armstechs, armortechs, and synthweavers. Now to find the cheapest one to do and stock up on mats. Check…

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