Onslaught: Is It Kill Or Cure?


There aren’t as many people playing SWTOR as there used to be. If you’re still a regular player, you’ll already know that. The game isn’t denying- despite unhelpful articles that refer to the Electronic Arts’ Star Wars’ games as a ‘sinking ship’ – but it’s way past the peak of its popularity. You can see that without even logging into the game to check it out. When the game’s official Twitter account announced that ‘Onslaught,’ the seventh expansion pack, will be released in September 2019, the response was less than enthusiastic. The Tweet failed to reach a thousand likes, had barely over two hundred re-tweets, and a little over one hundred comments. All in all, it doesn’t suggest that there’s a massive base of players out there, waiting to seize on the new content and jump back in. Given the declining numbers, we’re faced with a question. Is ‘Onslaught’ an…

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Characters I’d Like to See Introduced or Brought Back in Onslaught

The SWtOR community has been buzzing recently about the new details regarding the “play what you want, how you want” gearing system that is Spoils of War. While I, too, have been caught up in the whirlpool of hype (and confusion), I am choosing to wait until we actually get to see this new stuff in-action on the PTS before I offer my thoughts on it here.Instead today I’m turning my attention to something I care about far more than gear, and that’s the in-game story characters. I’ve been thinking a great deal about who I’d like to see, either brought back or introduced for the first time, on Onderon and Mek-Sha and I just thought “hey, why not make a post about it?”Obviously, some characters are a given. Darths Krovos and Malgus, Empress Acina, General Daeruun, Jonas Balkar, Major Anri, Moff Pyron, NR-O2, Tau Idair, and Vowrawn are all definitely going…

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SWTOR: The First 6.0 Details

Another Star Wars: Celebration, another bunch of interesting reveals.Of course we’ve had the big reveals of the Episode IX title, the first full details of Jedi: Fallen Order and its hero Cal (no relation), and, by the end of today, more information regarding The Mandalorian and the long-awaited seventh series of The Clone Wars.However, as glorious as those reveals are, the one which is the most pertinent to this blog is the first official glimpse of the next expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic.~~~So what is it?I’ve never seen one before, no one has, but I’m guessing it’s a White Hole.Alright, you’ve made your obligatory non-Star Wars reference, but seriously, what is it?Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught.Onslaught will be arriving on our virtual doorsteps in September, assuming all goes well, and will be free for all subscribers at that time. It includes the next step in the storyline, two new locations. a new Flashpoint, a new Operation,…

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