Rise to Power

Star Wars: Rise to Power: You can now sign up for the Closed Pre-Alpha

Star Wars: Rise to Power, an upcoming mobile strategy game currently in Closed Pre-Alpha testing, gives players the chance to engage in diplomacy (or deception) and ultimately become the leader of the Empire or New Republic. Coming off a fresh reset of the game, which sets all players back to level zero, it’s a great time to take your first steps toward your destiny. While no worldwide release date has been announced, Android users on Google Play can sign up for the Closed Pre-Alpha, play now, and provide valuable feedback in the development of the game. Visit the registration page today to sign up! Move over, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Ackbar. Soon we’ll find out who really has the greatest strategic mind in the galaxy. Lucasfilm and EA announced today Star Wars: Rise to Power, an upcoming mobile strategy game set in the Star Wars universe. While specific details and a release date are yet to be…

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EA Announces Exciting New Game: Star Wars Rise to Power

The Game of War fad has brought many popular multiplayer base-building strategy games to the forefront of our minds and now EA will be bringing a Star Wars game to the mix. Welcome Star Wars: Rise to Power. It’s currently in closed pre-alpha testing phase and EA is looking for testers. Registering doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in, but if you want a chance, you better head on over and get signed up. So what IS this game? Here’s what they have to say about it: “Star Wars™: Rise to Power is a mobile strategy game set in the Star Wars™ universe. Still in development, we are inviting Android users on Google Play to join a Closed Pre-Alpha Test where they will have the opportunity to play the game, provide valuable feedback, and help shape the next great EA Star Warsmobile game. In Star Wars: Rise to Power, the war between the Empire and the dawning…

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