SWTOR Executive Producer Letter – Q2 2024

SWTOR Executive Producer Letter: Exciting Updates and New Features

BioWare’s “Star Wars: The Old Republic” (SWTOR) continues to evolve with exciting new content and features. In a recent Executive Producer letter, SWTOR announced the rollout of Game Update 7.5 and provided insights into what’s coming next for players. Let’s dive into the key highlights and what players can expect from this latest update and beyond. Game Update 7.5: Key Highlights New Story Arc Desperate Defiance Game Update 7.5 introduces a compelling new story arc called “Desperate Defiance.” Players will team up with Sa’har Kateen to retrieve Darth Nul’s holocron. The choices players make will influence Sa’har’s path as a Padawan, adding a layer of depth and replayability to the narrative. PvP Season 6: Great Pirate Hunt New PvP Content The start of PvP Season 6, dubbed “Great Pirate Hunt,” brings new rewards and competitive opportunities. Players can earn new armor sets like the Cosmic Corsair and Corsair Radiance. This…

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Everything you ever need to know about Itemization and Crafting in TOR

Dssurge from reddit urged us to share this TOR Itemization and Crafting info. The original thread can be found here, and has some additional information in the comments section. Here is a run down of Itemization and Crafting in TOR Basic stuff: All characters in TOR use one primary stat of Aim, Cunning, Strength or Willpower. All primary stats give 1% crit for every 140 (at level 50) Aim gives 0.2 ranged damage Strength gives 0.2 melee damage Cunning gives 0.2 tech damage Will power gives 0.2 force damage Endurance gives 10 HP per point. Your primary stat will always give either [Ranged + Tech] or [Melee + Force], so a Trooper will get a tech bonus from Cunning, and a Smuggler will get a ranged damage bonus from Aim in addition to the bonuses they already get from their primary stat. This causes Smugglers to do more damage with Weapon attacks,…

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