pvp medals

Maximizing Medals in PvP

I just wanted to share a few tips that I use in pvp to make grinding commendations and valour more efficient and making those losses not bad as they seem. I’m a vanguard tactics spec trooper so other vanguards will find this pretty helpful as well as some other advanced classes. Damage medals There are a few in this category and they come at 75k and 300k damage done plus the 2.5k single shot. The 75k should be easy for dps classes and 2.5k in a single shot isn’t unreasonable. Pick up a power up, use stim/adrenals if you’re biochem and it is an easy medal. Obviously aim for low level players and use any cooldowns together with relics for extra attack. On my right bar I have my adrenal, relic and 25% crit ability. I just activate these at the same time and I can hit upwards of 4k….

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