Maximizing Medals in PvP

I just wanted to share a few tips that I use in pvp to make grinding commendations and valour more efficient and making those losses not bad as they seem.

I’m a vanguard tactics spec trooper so other vanguards will find this pretty helpful as well as some other advanced classes.

Damage medals

There are a few in this category and they come at 75k and 300k damage done plus the 2.5k single shot. The 75k should be easy for dps classes and 2.5k in a single shot isn’t unreasonable. Pick up a power up, use stim/adrenals if you’re biochem and it is an easy medal. Obviously aim for low level players and use any cooldowns together with relics for extra attack. On my right bar I have my adrenal, relic and 25% crit ability. I just activate these at the same time and I can hit upwards of 4k. Every damage class can get these.

Killing blow

Self explanatory. Healing classes should at least try to get a shot off on a wounded target, when I run premades and I’m with a medic I let the person finish the target for the medal. We also let each other get an assassin medal while defending the node (no interfering in the fight) if it doesn’t compromise the node.


Anyone can get this one and it is especially easy for biochemists to do this one. I use the level 40 (may be 48) reusable medpac and pop it in combat whenever I need. It heals from 2.2-2.7k with trauma up so I never finish a WZ without this one. For those that don’t have reusable med pacs, there is a daily that awards you with a few pvp specific healing items. I haven’t tested those out myself, but from what I hear they can be used to get medic easily.
This is the interesting medal that is often overlooked. I don’t know how many classes have access to taunts, but those who do can easily add another 2 medals per warzone with one extra keybind.

Taunt in pvp has the effect of reducing an enemy’s damage when they are not attacking the taunting target. The damaged negated by this effect is measured and you recieve medals based on how much damage is mitigated. From what I’ve managed to achieve, there is one medal awarded for 2k damage protected without dying (taunt a target attacking an ally, by the time the fight is over you likely will have this medal). 5k protected is also another medal but this one doesn’t seem to have to be in a single life. They are easy to get, all you have to do is spam taunt every so often. It only benefits the team and will give you extra points.

A lot of the above is common knowledge to those more experienced in warzones, but hopefully this helps a few who want to make their time worth more during their games. Below is a complete list for all the PvP Warzone medals you can earn.

Medals Accumulated Earn 50 Valor and 5 Warzone commendations each

Medal Ranking:

  • The Gold ranking is awarded for earning 6 or more medals during a match
  • The Silver ranking is awarded for 3-5 medals
  • The Bronze ranking is awarded for 1-2 medals

Announcements (thanks Ayestes):

  • Unbeatable announcement is unlocked if you earn 4 medals without dying.
  • Invincible announcement is unlocked if you earn 7 medals without dying.
  • Immortal announcement is unlocked if you earn 9 medals without dying.


  1. Medic – 2.5k healing from a single heal
  2. Demolisher – 2.5k damage from a single attack
  3. Trauma Surgeon – 5k healing from a single heal
  4. Anihilator – 5K damage from a single attack
  5. Quick Draw – Getting a killing blow on one player
  6. Combatant – Dealing 75k damage
  7. Destroyer – Dealing 300K damage
  8. Healer – Healing 75K
  9. Savior – Healing 300K
  10. Defender – Earning 1k Defender Points
  11. Warden – Earning 3k Defender Points
  12. Assassin – Killing a player in a one-on-one fight
  13. Shield – 5k Protection
  14. Protector – 50K Protection (thanks meatballz/adlarn)
  15. Guardian – 2k Protection since last death
  16. Paladin – 10k Protection since last death
  17. Commando – Killing 10 enemy players
  18. Soldier – Killing 25 enemy players

Valor Titles: Every 10 ranks in valor will give you a new title –
Note: Valor Rank 60 is required to open Battlemaster Bags

  1. Skirmisher – Valor Rank 10
  2. Duelist – Valor Rank 20
  3. Gladiator – Valor Rank 30
  4. Centurion – Valor Rank 40
  5. Champion – Valor Rank 50
  6. Battlemaster – Valor Rank 60
  7. War Hero – Valor Rank 70
  8. Conqueror – Valor Rank 80
  9. Warlord – Valor Rank 90
  10. Elite Warlord – Valor Rank 100