The Academy, Ep 12 – “How Do Conquests Work?

So you want to know how conquests work? The latest episode of The Academy has got you covered! Created by SWTORISTA on request of the viewers, we have Episode 12: How Do Conquests Work?  If you’re new to the game or have a friend or family member who has just started playing, this is an invaluable tool to helping you understand all the ins and outs of SWTOR. As we have already said before when covering these episodes of The Academy, they’re great for new players but even existing players who know this info can find them entertaining. They’re really well done and entertaining. They might also provide you with a refresher if it’s been awhile since you were a new player.

Even if you don’t personally find them helpful, you need to know these videos exist. You can share them to other new players or just help support Swtorista as she is making the SWTOR community a better place overall with the hard work and effort that goes into each and every video in the series. So thank you, Swtorista and keep up the good work!

“How do conquests work? How can I get conquest points for my guild? What do I get for completing my personal conquest goal? How do strongholds work with conquest?”

You can see it for yourself here:

As always, this is another useful episode of The Academy, a series focused on the basics of Star Wars The Old Republic. Stay tuned for the next episode on “How to Level Up Fast”“.

Lisa Clark

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