Quesh Datacron Locations

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic Discovered by the Galactic Republic during the Great Galactic War, Quesh’s toxic atmosphere made the planet uninhabitable for many lifeforms, and was initially dismissed by the Republic. Years later, however, a young Republic chemist realized potential for some of the chemicals found on Quesh to be used for the Republic, as many of the compounds on the planet closely resembled venenit shadaaga, roughly translated as “Hutt Venom”, a primary ingredient in very powerful adrenals. After this discovery was made, it was swiftly reoccupied by the Republic who began to invest in its production. However, the Republic engineers were unable to master the process of turning these chemicals into adrenals, so they resorted to an unlikely ally, the Hutts. Three Hutt cartels lended their help in the exchange for a share of the profits. Within a…

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Friday Update: New Planet – Quesh

This Friday BioWare awaits us with a new poisoned planet called Quesh. The planet looks and sounds like a Hutt holiday resort, and from the description that’s not entirely wrong. Well, except that none of the Hutts involved are really happy with the whole thing, but that’s probably just a Hutt thing. In a distant corner of Hutt Space, the poisonous planet Quesh orbited untouched for centuries, until the surprising discovery of rare adrenal chemicals drew the Galactic Republic to further explore this dangerous world. Unable to process the chemicals into adrenals, however, the Republic was forced to turn to the Hutts for help. Recently, the Sith Empire learned of this secret and lucrative operation, and swiftly came to steal the prize. The battle over this toxic treasure may be one of the most brutal ground conflicts the galaxy has ever seen, but the winner will gain access to powerful…

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