AMA on Reddit with Stephen Reid

Ask Me Anything! AMA on Reddit with Stephen Reid @Rockjaw today was really exciting, lots of fun and brought us some fun and interesting stuff. My only complaint is that many of the questions were regarding issues that have already been publicly discussed. I would have preferred to see more personal stories, insider info and insights into the game and the making of the game. Anyway, it’s still good info. If you missed it happening live, that’s a-ok because I caught it all and we’re here to give you the highlights. Reid started the event with a few caveats: I’m not in charge of any design decisions on the game – if you are looking to get something changed, ask nicely on the official Forums 🙂 I’m not aware of every single bug in the game, or the status of their resolution – although I am happy to hear about…

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Stephen Reid AMA – Wednesday, December 28th @ 2pm (CST)

Stephen Reid, the Community Manager for Star War: The Old Republic, known to many of you as @rockjaw, has agreed to do an AMA at /r/swtor – this is exciting news for anyone looking to gain more info about the game, BioWare and other game-related info. What are you doing this upcoming “hump day”? On Wednesday, December 28th at 2pm (CST), many gamers will still be off for holiday vacation and it’s a great time to get in a little more SWTOR action. As much as you can in between visiting or traveling that you might have planned, you can also learn more about SWTOR and the experience as a whole in a variety of ways. If you’ve ever wanted to ask Reid something specific, here’s your chance. The AMA will work somethng like a question and answer format. According to Reddit: “The format is simple: Ask Mr. Reid a…

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