Star Wars LIGHT UP Chop Sabers from Think Geek

How much cooler can you get than Light Up Lightsaber chopsticks? This is another great product we received from for review and this is the one I had to try to hide from my kids the hardest. I mean, what kid doesn’t want mini lightsabers? Too bad for them, this was my toy! I was super excited to get them out of the packaging and find something noodly or rice-based to fully enjoy the experience. If you do choose to actually eat with them, the clear sticks are removable for easy washing. The assembly was the hardest part of these. The parts are tiny, the batteries (included) are even tinier and I spent quite some time trying to get them to go into the spring-loaded battery area. This is definitely not for small children! However, once I managed to get the batteries into the handle and close them up,…

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Star Wars Items from Think Geek: Review

We got some fantastic items from Think Geek for us to review, all part of their Star Wars collection that is ever-growing. These items were actually sent a while back but I’ve been a bit MIA due to an accident and surgery and subsequent personal issues relating to that. So first, allow me to apologize for the delay and second, let’s get to the items we have been sent and then I will review them one by one in more detail. I’d like to personally thank Think Geek for sending these really awesome items for me to enjoy and to share with all of you. I will be reviewing the following in full detail: Limited Edition Star Wars Moleskin Notebooks I was very excited about this because I happen to be a big fan of Moleskin notebooks. I use them regularly for my journaling and since I also love Star…

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