4 Star Wars Tabletop Role-Playing Games You Should Try

If you like The Old Republic or Knights of the Old Republic, it’s probably because you enjoy getting immersed in the Star Wars universe in a way that other games like Battlefront and Bounty Hunter just don’t give you. If you want to really dive into the universe, though, tabletop role-playing games are the way to go. Not familiar with tabletop RPGs? If you’ve heard of Dungeons & Dragons, Fate, or Pathfinder, you’ve heard of tabletop RPGs—these are some of the biggest names in the business. They combine social interaction, storytelling, dice rolling, miniatures, and an immersive experience that’s tough to replicate. In addition to those big names, there are a number of cool Star Wars RPGs out there. Here are four that you should check out! Star Wars: Edge of the Empire One of my favorite game companies, Fantasy Flight Games, publishes Edge of the Empire, a game that immerses you in the world of smugglers, bounty hunters, thieves, and…

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SWTOR as a Single Player Game

Are you the type of gamer who loves RPGs but typically skips the multiplayer aspects of MMOs? You might still like SWTOR. While I enjoy my fair share of multiplayer games, I also have a tendency to go solo quite often. I spent a good year or more of my 7-year history in World of Warcraft playing solo. I just got tired of everything else there was to do in the game and focused on speed-leveling characters, getting achievements, making money on the Auction House or whatever other random activities gave me enjoyment at the time. I leveled some characters outside of a guild and I didn’t talk to anyone- just ran through doing my own thing. I have discovered in my years as a gamer that other people like playing this way sometimes, too. One gamer wrote about it on Arstechnica.com in “Forever alone? Star Wars: The Old Republic…

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