Rules of Conduct

PSA: Macro keyboard/Mouse are NOT Allowed

An interesting post on Reddit claims that macro keyboards and mouse combos (like the SWTOR branded peripherals) are not allowed in the game. This is a topic we’ve written about here before. We’ve all been told that BioWare will not allow in-game macros for SWTOR. And yet, they are endorsing these SWTOR themed peripherals (at a very high price tag) that allow macroing. So the argument can be made about why can someone with these types of peripherals use macros but regular players cannot? He posts this as a response he claims to have gotten from a BioWare customer service member: Greetings Xxxxxx, I am Protocol Droid U3-L0 of Human-Cyborg Relations… I have received your transmission regarding your query about the Swtor gaming keyboard and mouse by Razer. All of us here on the Star Wars: The Old Republic team would like to thank you for your support, and let…

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SWTOR Rules of Conduct

If you’re going to be playing SWTOR in just a few days along with the rest of us, it’s a good idea to make yourself familiar with the posted rules of conduct. Most of it is traditional MMORPG and online game play stuff but there are a few things that really stick out to us and honestly, a couple of things are downright frustrating. For example, macro software is not allowed but Bioware has no problem whatsoever with you paying 0 for the Razer keyboard to do the exact same thing. Is this really fair to those who don’t want the Razer or to those who cannot afford it? Anyway… here are some of the ROC (rules of content) that you need to be familiar with: To keep the Service a compliant, fun, fair and safe gaming environment for everyone, you may not engage in any of the following behavior:…

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