PSA: Macro keyboard/Mouse are NOT Allowed

An interesting post on Reddit claims that macro keyboards and mouse combos (like the SWTOR branded peripherals) are not allowed in the game. This is a topic we’ve written about here before. We’ve all been told that BioWare will not allow in-game macros for SWTOR. And yet, they are endorsing these SWTOR themed peripherals (at a very high price tag) that allow macroing. So the argument can be made about why can someone with these types of peripherals use macros but regular players cannot?

He posts this as a response he claims to have gotten from a BioWare customer service member:

Greetings Xxxxxx,
I am Protocol Droid U3-L0 of Human-Cyborg Relations…
I have received your transmission regarding your query about the Swtor gaming keyboard and mouse by Razer.
We are very lucky to have fans that share our enthusiasm for great games, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy yourself in Star Wars: The Old Republic!
*In regards to your query, we apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you. As I have checked, it is against the TOS to use macros keyboard and mouses because it will cause delay key strokes and lead to AUTOMATION. Same logic applies for looping commands with time delays. Some software, including the G-series Key Profiler application from Logitech, allows to make macros INCLUDING delays. This is clearly against our Terms of Service. Just because the user has the option doesn’t mean that they are allowed to use it. As shown below, these are are the don’ts in using macros that will violate TOS. *
Combination of set of key strokes with delay: (Example: A + B + C). this example shows a combination of buttons pressed in a certain order (first A then B then C). Looped Combination of set of key strokes with delay: (Example: A + B + C + A + B + C)
Please do not hesitate to contact us again if there is anything further we can help you with.
Galactic Support is our specialty…
Protocol Droid U3-L0 (aka Anthony) Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service

On the flip side, another user posts that he was told in beta that in-game macros are not allowed but keyboard macros are fine. So it’s all very confusing as the TOS can be interpreted in different ways and no representative from BioWare has come forward yet to clear up the matter. So at this time, it’s use-at-your-own-risk but we will update you on this story and topic as we learn more.

Lisa Clark

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