Some Useful PVP/Warzone Stats/Info


Do you love PvP in SWTOR? Are you into warzones or just wanting to learn more about them? Whether you’ve reached the level cap yet or not, PvP can be fun in SWTOR. Warzones can break the monotony of leveling or give you something to do at level 50. It’s also a way to build gear for yourself. If you want to learn a little more about the warzones, there is a useful resource you need to bookmark.

Dulfy’s Healing Corner has some very useful warzone information and statistics for SWTOR. I love charts, stats and graphs so this is right up my alley. It covers gear, expertise and PvP bonuses, warzone medals, valor and amount needed for next level, resolve system details and so much more. It’s one of the most complete SWTOR PvP resources I’ve seen so far.

For example, here are medals that you can get in warzones:

Medic – 2.5k healing from a single heal
Demolisher – 2.5k damage from a single attack
Trauma Surgeon – 5k healing from a single heal
Anihilator – 5K damage from a single attack
Quick Draw – Getting a killing blow on one player
Combatant – Dealing 75k damage
Destroyer – Dealing 300K damage
Healer – Healing 75K
Savior – Healing 300K
Defender – Earning 1k Defender Points
Warden – Earning 3k Defender Points
Assassin – Killing a player in a one-on-one fight
Shield – 5k Protection
Protector – 50K Protection (thanks meatballz/adlarn)
Guardian – 2k Protection since last death
Paladin – 10k Protection since last death
Commando – Killing 10 enemy players
Soldier – Killing 25 enemy players

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Lisa Clark

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