Intergalactic Intel: An interview with Vodka

Graywulf has joined the party.
“What the hell Niggles?!”
“What?” My friend questioned in chat.
“Yeah what?” Graywulf had no idea he had just intrrupted my interview.
“I’m interviewing Niggles, I still have three more questions…” I added an emoticon to display my annoyance.
“Why is he someone famous?” Niggles was silent.
“Yeah. He’s ex-vodka.”

Today I have a very special guest, a member a long time member of the renowned wow guild, Vodka. For those of you who don’t know Vodka is one of the top US guilds and previously one of the top world guilds for end game PvE content. So without further ado:

Me: Let’s start with the basics. Who are you?
Niggles: Niggles 😮 Oh, a real answer? Okay. I’m an ex-vodka member Veiled to be exact.

Me: So why did you pick sage?
Niggles: I wanted to have a class that could heal and put out dps. And it was this or commando, but the sage reminded me of a priest more than anything else, and I did enjoy playing my priest.

Me: How big was the change from of healing from World of Warcaft to The Old Republic?
Niggles: The biggest thing change or difference that I like is that I can’t boost up my force bar. I can only increase it by talents and my 4 set tier bonus. I think this weeds out the spamming that most people do in WoW. My focus regen is also a constant rate of 8 which makes it a challenge within itself.

Me: What do you like most about TOR?
Niggles: To be honest I play games for the end game content. Seeing that I haven’t seen much of that content in this game yet, I can’t say much. I but I definitely like the challenge from wow.

Me: What improvements do you want to see from TOR?
Niggles: UI CHANGES. I hate the UI and the bugs with the interface. The game is still pretty new for me to make judgements, but once I see Nightmare mode I want to see how challenging they made the fights to be.

Me: Do you expect once Bioware adds a few more features like, LFG, a better UI and Nightmare mode, that more players will start joining?
Niggles: hard to say really. I mean once people outside of SWTOR don’t really know these “flaws”, so it’s hard to say that’s the reason people aren’t playing the game. I think what brought people to play WoW was how challenging and fun the content they put out. Until they made it too easy thus veterans losing interest in WoW.

Me: Would you recommend SWTOR to any of your raiding buddies in WoW?
Niggles: Depends, but at the being probably not. Only because all of my other WoW friends were hard core or way more hard core than I was.

Me: Well thanks for your time!
Niggles: No, thank you! I’ve never been interviewed before this was fun :3

Thanks for reading, and our special guest Niggles. Next week, I have an interview with Ask Mr Robot about their new SWTOR tool! Until next time! May the force be with you!