How to classify documents and information in an organization?

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, organizations are generating massive amounts of data and documents. These data and documents play a crucial role in the decision-making process, and hence, it is essential to classify and organize them effectively. Proper classification and organization of documents and information enable businesses to manage their data better, make informed decisions, and improve productivity. In this article, we will discuss the importance of classifying documents and information in an organization, the different methods to classify them, and one of the solutions, which is to choose a C3 software. Getting a C3 Software One of the most effective solutions for classifying documents and information in an organization is to choose a C3 software. C3 software, also known as “Content, Context, and Collaboration” software, is a technology platform that helps organizations manage their documents and information effectively. Here are some benefits if you choose a…

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SWTOR Skill Tree Calculator

Every great MMO needs a skill tree calculator and now there is a good one for SWTOR. This Skill Tree Calculator can be used to plan out each class’ talents. It’s basic and doesn’t look all that pretty but it gets the job done and it’s really useful for anyone playing SWTOR, anyone who plans to play or just someone who wants to learn more about what skills and talents the classes will have. Mousing over each talent in the tree will show you what it does and the calculator also shows you how many points you have left to help you plan properly. This saves so much effort when trying to build your talents in-game, especially when you want to avoid wasting points or filling in the wrong talents. Sometimes you just want to see what might open up for you if you choose certain options and the skill…

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BioWare Blog: Designing the Advanced Classes System

To explain some of the choices in BioWare’s approach to the advanced classes system in The Old Republic, this Friday’s update gives us a BioWare blog post from Principal Lead Systems Designer, Georg Zoeller. Here’s an except: Example: The Smuggler Han Solo, Lando, Talon Karrde… There are plenty of different Smuggler personalities to be found in the Star Wars universe to choose from and this is reflected in the versatility of their available Advanced Classes: The Scoundrel The Scoundrel is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, as the ‘Scrapper’ skill-set has an off-hand Scatter Gun, a number of powerful (but not necessarily fair) melee moves and access to a Stealth Field Generator with various possible upgrades for a dramatic entrance … or exit. The ‘Sawbones’ skill-set on the other hand offers ways to dramatically improve the Smuggler’s healing and support-related abilities, including access to the powerful Emergency Medpack. And,…

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