Patch 1.2 and Guild Summit

If your eager to know what is coming up in swtor, you should check this out! Includes a massive summary of the guild summit. The complete list of the video: We will dive into the patch 1.2 and we will point out a list gathered. and then we move over to the guild summit! So, here is a list of things we’ll see in patch 1.2, this is taken from various Bioware releases through media. PvE New Operation- Explosive Conflict will be the first “Tier 2” raid instance. New Flashpoint – Lost Island Continues where Kaon Under Siege left off. Orange gear will become more viable as end-game gear in the 1.2 update. New Corellia Dailies PvP New Warzone – Novare Coast Ranked Warzones. Will use ELO ranking system for both solo and group play in ranked Warzones Medal Rewards will be capped to try and prevent medal farming. Entry…

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