swtor bounty hunter powertech builds

SWTOR Bounty Hunter Powertech PVE/Leveling Build With Point Allocation And Rotations!

In this post we have another leveling/PVE build courteous of www.swtorsavior.com. This build will give you an awesome DPS build for the Bounty Hunter Powertech or at the very least it will allow you to get to grips with the talent tree and the point allocation until you find your playstyle. Before I post the build I will give you some information on the Bounty Hunter Powertech class assuming you are brand new to the class and the game. If not you can skip this down to the build below. The Bounty Hunter Powertech is a Heavy Armor class and you can either play as a Ranged DPS or Tank depending on what build you use. The build below is a Ranged DPS leveling build for the Powertech. Your main weapon will be blasters and an important thing to remember when playing SWTOR as a Bounty Hunter Powertech is that…

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