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Glitch in SWTOR That Will Trigger Your OCD

Out of the vault of “You Had ONE Job, Bioware”, we have more game glitches. Sometimes the glitch is just a physical issue and it doesn’t really affect the play of the game, but merely the appearance. Some people can overlook this or even laugh at it, while others find it so distracting they can’t even play. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, it’s safe to say you can appreciate on some level what this player has captured. yodacoder posted the images to imgur so you can see for yourself but be warned, once you see it, you can’t unsee it: You had ONE job! (SWTOR) Seriously, what is happening here? It’s in the Republic Fleet space station and if you’re not noticing it right away, here’s a hint: take a look at the flooring. Do you know of other glitches like this in the game? Are you the…

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Is the SWTOR Launcher Issue Keeping you from Playing?

An irritating launcher issue is affecting some SWTOR players and they are unable to play the game at all. Due to a problem in the recent 1.1 update, they are unable to launch the game Complaints on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forum explain the problem and BioWare staff do try to offer a solution until a more permanent fix can be found. “”We are recommending anyone who is encountering problems with installing main assets to use the ‘repair’ option in the launcher,” said a BioWare spokesperson. “I know some of you have mentioned that you have tried it and a similar error occurs but it can sometimes take multiple passes for the repair to fix the problem files. “When you run the repair option it will appear that it is going to download the full 12gb assets. This is not the case. The repair function will scan…

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Georg Zoeller on the Ability Delay Situation

As many of you may have already discovered, there were some issues with SWTOR causing abilities on cooldown to appear like they were available to the player but without actually being usable to the player. This bug was reported by many and BioWare has an official response for us today. Georg Zoeller reports: Hi everyone; I wanted to give you all an update on the ability delay situation. Thanks to constructive feedback from the community, including some great videos, we were able to identify an issue that could cause abilities on global cooldown to appear available to the player, resulting in unresponsive/ignored player input. A fix for the issue is currently scheduled to go to the public test server with our next update. Additionally, we have located an issue that would cause player input for certain instant abilities to fail in frantic combat situations, resulting in unpredictable and frustrating gameplay…

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