SWTOR guild blacklisted

First SWTOR Guild already Blacklisted

A couple of days ago, David Bass (@doctordake) tweeted, “I’ve blacklisted our first guild. Congratulations, dumbass.” Once we got over the giggles, we wanted to see who it was. Who wouldn’t be interested in the details of the first guild blacklisted from SWTOR? The speculation about who they were and what they did was hilarious (TP’d Bass’ house, naming violations, etc) but the real reason was likely less interesting. There was almost instantly a thread about it on the forums but of course, Bass himself wasn’t going to provide details via Twitter (saying only “they know who they are”) so we had to do some digging. Seeing as how the “you jelly” submission is gone from my r/swtor front page, we guessed it was that guild and a Reddit post called “don’t be jelly” posted a screenshot of the invite email that guilds receive when they are invited to the…

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