swtor imperial agent sniper pvp build

SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper PVP Build – Awesome Build To Use In Warzones!

In this post we have another awesome build from www.swtorsavior.com and this one is a PVP build for the Imperial Agent Sniper class. This was actually a request after someone saw the leveling build from SWTOR Savior that you can find HERE. So back by popular demand we have a PVP build: PVP is all down to preference but if you are looking for some help in warzones than you should give this build a go. Here is how to use this PVP build: The Sniper is your typical range DPS class, but with a twist. You can use nearby terrain to take cover which activates skills specifically meant for this purpose. Cover allows you to have a percentage chance for ranged attacks to miss you. While taking cover, you will be able to use a wide variety of long range skills that will make you a true nightmare in…

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