SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper PVP Build – Awesome Build To Use In Warzones!

In this post we have another awesome build from www.swtorsavior.com and this one is a PVP build for the Imperial Agent Sniper class.

This was actually a request after someone saw the leveling build from SWTOR Savior that you can find HERE.

So back by popular demand we have a PVP build:
PVP is all down to preference but if you are looking for some help in warzones than you should give this build a go.

Here is how to use this PVP build:

The Sniper is your typical range DPS class, but with a twist. You can use nearby terrain to take cover which activates skills specifically meant for this purpose. Cover allows you to have a percentage chance for ranged attacks to miss you.

While taking cover, you will be able to use a wide variety of long range skills that will make you a true nightmare in PvP. So, find a good spot, hunker down and let the headshots commence!The mainstay of your damage output, with this spec, will be your DoTs. Obviously, you’ll want to get Corrosive Dart and Interrogation Probe on your target before starting to lay down the direct damage.If you have a clean shot, Ambush the target and immediately follow up with an Explosive Probe and two Rifle Shots. If you don’t, use Snipe instead and then Explosive Probe.

Plasma Probe should be used when you have multiple targets in a tight area. Takedown is a fantastic skill for finishing off targets below 30% health. It’s usually a guaranteed kill.

This particular spec supplies you with a lot of survivability and will also net you a ton of medals in PvP. Just be sure to layer every attack with a Rifle Shot and you should be able to spam abilites until you die.

Unfortunately, that is inevitable, as someone will eventually figure out that you are murdering their team, but with Flash Bang, Cover Pulse, Shield Probe and Vital Regulators, you should be able to stay in long enough to net a few more kills and then find a new place to snipe from, once you respawn.

Of course if you want step by step written and video guides on SWTOR than you need to check out www.swtorsavior.com – it has complete 1-50 guides for all classes, builds for PVP, PVE and raiding and daily updates on the VIP forum – in short – the #1 SWTOR guide on the web!