SWTOR interviews

Interview with Dave Shramek Lead World Designer of Star Wars: The old Republic

BioWare has posted a lengthy interview with Dave Shramek who is lead World Designer of Star Wars: The old republic, Behind The Scenes Of World Design With key non-playable-characters (NPCs) like Darth Malgus, Tau Idair, and others leading the charge in the upcoming ‘Onslaught’ Expansion, it’s no surprise that a lot of thought goes into their creation, but what about other less known NPCs? What about that arrogant guy at the cantina, or the vendor down that dark alley? To get some insight into what goes into creating the miscellaneous characters that populate the universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic, we sat down with our Lead World Designer, Dave Shramek. During this behind the scenes look, we’ll dig into creating one of the ruling gangs of the upcoming planet, Mek-Sha. For starters, would you like to introduce yourself and explain a little bit about what you do on the team?…

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SWTOR Interviews: Jodi and Patrick from ChewUI.com

I first met Jodi and Patrick on day one of the Guild Summit in Austin. We had a lot of fun, saw a tour of BioWare Austin headquarters, met some other awesome people and Jodi and Patrick came up with one brilliant idea! On the last day of Guild Summit, we said our goodbyes and promised to stay in touch and I was super excited about this idea they had for a new site dedicated to customized user interfaces. We had all just seen the preview of SWTOR update 1.2 and the new UI and we knew that there would be a great need for a site like this. Jodi and Patrick stepped up to the plate and began creating that site on day one. I sat down to talk with them now that the site is complete and functional to find out more about the site, the idea and…

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