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SWTOR United Forces Update and server merges coming this November

Players have asking for it for a while, and finaly it’s happening. A new round of server merges are comming to Star Wars: The old republic. Here is the story: Our primary focus this year for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ has been to build and release multiplayer gameplay experiences that you can play with your friends. We’ve seen thousands of players jump in to join these battles across the galaxy. Your overwhelming response to playing these new experiences has motivated us to continue to pursue more enhancements to making multiplayer the best it can be for you, our players. Today, we’re excited to announce the United Forces update coming November 8, 2017. This new update will add a lot of value to all the gameplay systems that contribute to great multiplayer experiences. The primary benefit of this update is that it will be easier for you to join or reconnect…

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Maintenance Window Update: SWTOR Servers Down December 19th

 Oh noes! You cannot access your SWTOR server! Can’t get on the forums, either? You’re not alone. Remember those maintenance windows I told you about last week? Well, we are officially in Maintenance Window #2 right now. This update will last until 12am GMT and officially ends the pre-launch period. Stephen Reid tweets (as he heads off to the Austin launch party): “#SWTOR servers will be back up at 11PM CST (9PM PST / 12AM EST / 5AM GMT / 6AM CET).” Reminder: Maintenance Window #2 Date: Evening of December 19th (CST) Time: 6PM CST (4PM PST/7PM EST/12AM GMT/1AM CET) All game servers and SWTOR.com will be offline during this period. This maintenance is expected to complete before 11PM CST, and will mark the end of Early Game Access for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. So… what are you going to do while the servers are down? UPDATE: all servers…

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