Blaine Christine

Developer Blog: Welcome to Galactic Starfighter Subscriber Early Access

Early access to Star Wars: The old Republic – Galactic Starfighter is on, and the space battle have begun. With the new patch, comes a new developer blog post, and a short Starfighter Customization Trailer.   The blog post is made by Senior Producer Blaine Christine and is pretty much just a welcome message.  Below is a copy/paste of the blog post for you who can’t acces from work. Also remember to check out the video in the bottom of  this post: Welcome to Galactic Starfighter Subscriber Early Access 12.03.2013 Hello, Starfighters! It is with great pleasure that we swing open the doors to our second Digital Expansion of 2013. This one has been a long time coming and we are incredibly proud of the experience we have in store for you. What is it? Galactic Starfighter is a 12v12 PvP free flight space shooter. At its core, it is all…

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Blaine Christine answers questions regarding Free To Play

Senior Producer Blaine Christine took on the forums today, to answer questions regarding the upcoming Free to Play system, implemented into Star Wars: The old republic. BioWare have neem coellecting questions from the community the last week and now we get some more answers.  The full Q&A can be found at the official forums, or as a copy/ past below: Hi folks! Now that the Cartel Market has hit the Public Test Server, we wanted to open up this thread to give you the opportunity to ask any lingering Free-to-Play questions that you may have. After we’ve collected your questions, Sr. Producer Blaine Christine will try to answer as many as he can. Please be sure to be respectful and courteous and also remember to report any Cartel Market issues on the PTS thread. Thanks! Update: As promised, Sr. Producer Blaine Christine has taken time out of his crazy schedule to answer some of your Free-to-Play questions!…

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