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Blog: SWTOR Holiday Update by Bruce Maclean

Senior Producer Bruce Maclean have posted a new blog post updating the community on what’s going to happen in the SWTOR universe over the next few month. I have to say that this is a million times better looking than the initial Summer of Swtor blog. Only thing is no mention of Nightmare Modes. Hopefully this means theyre taking more time with those and will release them a long side something for everyone like a new small op. Here are some bullet points Ranked PvP Season 1 slated to start on 10/29 Ranked PvP web based leaderboards slated to start on 10/29 Freeing Up unused character names slated for 11/12 Next Bounty Contract week slated for 11/12 Double XP weekend slated for 11/27 Galatic Starfighter slated for 12/3 for subscribers Gree Event returns in December Makeb Arena slated for 2.5 Below is the full blog posts. You can read the…

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