Cantina Tour

New York Community Cantina infomation

BioWare had a Community Cantina gathering in New York last night, were new game information was released. As always attendance was gifted with a flash drive containing images of upcoming stuff. Items of interest includes a new zaldrate mount and new customization kits for Blizz. The nights discussions also had some items of interest: They want to add better tools to help guildmasters master guilds. Increasing inventory would have an impact on loading time, which is already not all that fast. I asked about new level caps in the future and was told this was a “top secret” question. Adding chapters to class stories involves much expensive logistics, not just writing and coding; they have to bring back the vocal talent, do translations, etc. Adding a new character class is very unlikely. New abilities would have to be designed, a new 50-level character path would have to be written and produced…

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