Corellian Defender Lego set

Official Corellian Defender Lego set revealed

GrooveBricks have some new images of the upcoming Official Corellian Defender Lego set. We discussed the prototype back in September last year, were the creator needed 10k supporters to get Lego to make it. Apparently we are there now, and will hit the shelves some time this summer. The Defender-class light corvette was a specialized vessel built for the Jedi Order, which they used throughout the Cold War and subsequent Second Great Galactic War. It was heavily shielded, and was armed with two sets of dual laser cannons and a complement of missiles. This new Old Republic looks fantastic in my opinion! LEGO did a great job replicating the original Jedi Defender Cruiser from the Star Wars Old Republic universe. If you compare the original HERE to the LEGO version they pretty much look identical except for the fact that the LEGO version looks a bit chubby. This set includes a total of 927 pieces and it comes along with 4 Old Republic minifigs: Sith…

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