Corey Butler

PSA: Shipment 1 Cartel Packs Hypercrate leaving the Cartel Market today

Cory Butler posted a tweet confirming that the Hypercrate of Shipment 1 Cartel Packs will be removed from the Cartel Market today. The Hypercrate contains 6 Crime Lord’s, 6 Blockade Runner’s, 6 Skip Tracer’s, and 6 Space Pirate’s packs and has the hefty price of 7680 Cartel Coins. Below is the tweet from Cory: Shipment 1 Hypercrate going away tomorrow. @SWTOR #CartelMarket — Cory Butler (@BlazeofCory) February 10, 2014 Later he confirmed it will be back some other time: @Jakkeez @SWTOR it’ll be back… one day. No time soon though. — Cory Butler (@BlazeofCory) February 11, 2014 For older players this should mean the respective crates will become more valuable on the market for a while.

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