Czerka Corporation

Official Blog: A Letter from Special Executive Rasmus Blys

A BioWare corporation PR person was RP’ing a corporation PR person in yesterdays blog post. I guess that’s something they can write convincingly!  They really nailed the sugarcoated corporate jargon at least, as Special Executive Rasmus Blys from the Czerka Corporation took on the official website yesterday.  Check out the full “blog post ” over at the official site, our our copy paste below. Also remember to check our faction lore guide on Czerka Corporation if you are into the lore behind them. 07.08.2013 A Letter from Special Executive Rasmus Blys Greetings! My name is Rasmus Blys, and I have the great honor of serving as a Special Executive for the Czerka Corporation: the most dynamic business entity in the entirety of known space. Czerka’s history is a long and storied one; we have centuries of innovation and success to look back on, with entire worlds owing their economic and social development to our valuable…

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